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    Firefox plugin bug



      The scrollbar fails to update its position while scrolling unless the bar is dragged with the cursor. Methods of scrolling in which the scrollbar is not updated include:


      *Mouse wheel


      *Clicking/holding down scrollbar buttons

      *Clicking/holding down open space on scrollbar


      The scrollbar is repainted only after the pointer enters/exits the scrollbar area.


      This failure to update the scrollbar creates confusion and frustration while reading PDF documents.


      Error occurs on these platforms:

      Windows 7, 32-bit with Firefox 3 and Adobe Reader X plugin

      Windows 7, 32-bit with Firefox 4 and Adobe Reader X plugin

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          I too have this issue, is there any remady to this?


          It's painful to work on LONG documents with a wheel mouse and NOT know where you are, and stopping to move the mouse over the scroll bar area every so often is ANNOYING AT BEST.

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            Please note - this is a workaround I have discovered for Firefox 4.0, Adobe Reader X, Firefox plug-in version


            I think I have discovered a workaround for this issue - but it still needs to be fixed...


            1.  Go into Adobe Reader X.
            2.  Click on Edit, then Preferences, then Documents.
            3.  Uncheck the box "Allow documents to hide the menu bar, toolbars, and window controls."
            4.  Within the Preferences box, click on General.
            5.  Uncheck "Enable Protected Mode at Startup".


            When I performed step 4, I was able to highlight the address in the address bar, but NOT type in the address bar and change the address.  After performing step 5, I was able to type in and change the address in the address bar.


            As stated, it is not a permanent solution, but to me (and probably others), I think it is a good workaround for the time being.


            I am hoping this is related to the bug you were discussing.  if not, my apologies and could an admin move this post to an appropriate place.


            Thank you.

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              That workaround is quite helpful, thanks!


              And yes, the bug still does exist in the current version.