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    Deploy to web clarification...

    bmcgraphics Level 1

      Hello all,


      So I am just getting into Catalyst, I just love this program but still have a lot to learn. Anyway, I am currently working on creating a fairly complex slideshow application for the company I work for. I first started by creating a few prototypes using just Catalyst (ie Catalysts vector objects, text, etc.). I built a really simple application then moved up to something more complex (still using Catalyst-only objects).


      After I felt comfortable with the Catalyst interface, I then created a prototype in Illustrator and imported the file into Catalyst. That went really well so I am now working on the final application which is going well except now I am testing things as I go and have noticed the Deploy to Web SWF isn't working locally on my PC (the run local SWF works fine). Is this normal? I have not yet tried the Deploy to Web SWF on our webserver so I am not sure.


      The reason I am asking is because my first prototypes work locally using the Deploy to Web SWF but my current project is not working. It goes half way through the preloader and just stops. The only thing I can think of is that I used only Catalyst objects in the first prototypes that I made and now in my current project, the artwork was all created in Illustrator. I am fairly certian everything is optimised properly...all of my vector objects were converted to Symbols in Illustrator prior to sending the AI file over to Catalyst.


      Anyway, I am just wondering if it is normal for the Deploy to Web SWF file to not run when it is opened locally on my PC. I think this is normal but it only came up at the end of work today so our web developer wasn't able to try the files I made live on our server. I will have our webdev copy the files to our server tommorow but I was wondering if there is a quick answer to this.


      Thank you in advance for any help that you can provide

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          bmcgraphics Level 1

          Well, looks like I answered my own question (must of been too obvious to warrant a response). Anyway, yes my Deploy to Web SWF is working live on our web server. This still doesn't explain why some of my projects will work locally using the Deploy to Web SWF while others do not. I have also determined that Illustrator artwork has nothing to do with this as I created a simple AI file and ran it through Catalyst - the Deploy to Web SWF is working fine when I run it locally just not my larger, more complex project. No Matter, all is well...I can move ahead with this project as I am confident the Deploy toWeb files are going to work when it goes live.

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            Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

            The quick answer is to this is how the assets are linked or not linked into the project. The main difference between the two deploy types is the security settings. That is what can the Flash Player (which runs your Flash Catalyst project), can access (local or network elements). Based on that requirement, your project might fail silently if you run the wrong version in the wrong location.


            Glad you are enjoying using Flash Catalyst!



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              bmcgraphics Level 1

              Thanks Chris,


              Yea, that makes sense. The versions that do run from the Deploy to Web SWF on my PC are very simple with few or no assets at all. The SWF's that are failing are much more complex with quite a few assets. I guess when the SWF has to reference those assets, it gets confused when running locally. Anyway, thanks for the clarification. I really can't wait to see where Catalyst is going in the future, this program is quite amazing!