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    Can't manipulate symbols with Flash CS5 3-D rotation tools:

    Berzerk Contempo

      Please help! I am just learning to use Flash CS5 Professional (aided by the "Flash Basics" tutorials of Lynda.com). I am presently trying to manipulate symbols as motion-tweens with the 3-D rotation tool found in the Flash toolbar. At the moment I'm trying to take a single word originally created as text, now a symbol, and animate it with motion-tweens so that it appears to be twirling on its x axis or y axis as though it's tumbling through the air like a coin.


      My trouble is that I can successfully get the symbol to motion-tween itself through one half of a single rotation. But nothing I try seems to work to have the symbol complete its rotation all the way around without the symbol wanting to suddenly flip and rotate in the other direction to complete the full 360 degree rotation. Every trick I use, the symbol wants to tween back the way it came to finish its rotation. This is happening whether I try to rotate type as a symbol, or whether I use other objects (rectangles, ovals, etc.) I've created and then converted to symbols and then movie clips (which I have done in all cases). No matter what I try, this program is not cooperating. What am I doing wrong. My Flash CS5 often behaves as if it's buggy (I'm running it on a brand new state of the art iMac, with the latest version of Snow Leopard as my OS). But even with all it's other little bugs, restarting Flash doesn't seem to clear up this mystery. What am I doing wrong? Any advice would be very much appreciated.


      Berzerk Contempo

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          Hello Berzerk Contempo,


          I've encountered the very same problem.

          It is almost as if there is a setting which needs to be applied which forces a rotation to only go in one direction, otherwise the symbol being rotated swill simply default to the direction of rotation requiring the least movement.  Assuming the top of the symbol is 0 degrees, if we want it to go 180 degrees, it goes clockwise, but if the final point of rotation is 270 degrees (clockwise) then Flash simply makes the symbol rotate 90 degrees counter clockwise.


          Did you every find a method to resolve the puzzle?


          ~ Allen

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            Berzerk Contempo Level 1

            Thanks for writing back. No, I have not found anyone but you to even respond to my query. So much for the helpfulness of Adobe's much touted forums website.


            Yes, you have articulated the problem nicely. This is exactly the trouble I am having with the 3-D tool!!! I've tried creating in-between key frames to help guide the correct/desired rotational movement, but even with these key frames, the motion-tween invariably "glitches" the rotation animation back to link to the original key pose the wrong way. I've tried full rotation of both type and objects via various axis, and this problem always surfaces. Seems like such a simple thing to tween for the 3-D tool. But my Flash CS5 is not up to the task, apparently, --and neither it seems are Flash Adobe Forum readers.


            It's so sad that Flash is treated by Adobe like such a ******* child. Once Adobe's brand was synonymous with workhorse programming, and the integrity to fix what was wrong with a program quickly to make it better. But most of my professional colleagues warned me to stay away from BOTH Flash CS3 and CS4 because of their unreliability issues!!! What a sad state of affairs for Flash. Cartoon animators like me are crying out for a program which does what Flash does, minus the crashes, glitches, unreliability, and counter-intuitive user interface Flash has become infamous for. Industry wide, Adobe has gained the reputation of having turned its back on the animation community, because "there are not enough of us to matter monetarily." And so, by extension, it has left itself and it's ailing Flash program ripe for being bested by some hungry developers with the concern and the attention to give to perfecting a 2-D animation software program which actually delivers what it promises. 


            I keep clicking the "software update" button in my Flash program, thinking Adobe's next update will actually improve its performance. Dream on...



            Berzerk Contempo

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              AllenRoulston Level 1

              Hello B.C.,


              I did get something working yesterday, but it was not flawless.


              I took a symbol and turned it clockwise 180 degrees in the first tween, then turned it clockwise 180 again in a second tween.


              As in, within the first 4 frames it turns clockwise 180 degrees.

              Then in the next 4 frames the upside down image turns 180 degrees clockwise.


              I had to ensure the "object" was a symbol being tweened.

              Previously I was attempting to do it in a different way.

              I cannot actually remember how I was trying to perform the effect previously.


              ~ Allen

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                Check out Paul Burnett's video on this page which addresses the issue. He addresses exactly the problem you describe in one of his first examples: