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    Why are Map IDs landing in Project Map File, not All Maps, and with a .h extension


      I am using the Tech Comm Ste 2, Adobe Robohelp  in Windows XP. I assign map IDs manually instead of using automap. I open the Edit Map IDs window. In the right column, under "Topic," I select the topic I want to map. I then click the icon below to open the Context-sensitive Properties for Help Topic window. I select the topic title, without the .htm, and copy it. Then, from the left column, I click the Map File dropdown list and select the HH file to which I want to map the help topic. I then click the icon at the bottom to open the Create/Edit Map ID window. In the first field, I paste the topic ID, and in the second field I enter the map ID I want to assign. Then I click OK.


      Usually this places the topic in the correct HH file, highlighted in yellow until I select the topic from the list and then click Assign. For some reason, RH is not adding my topic to the HH file; instead it is adding it to the Project Map file. When I click OK, I get a blank window and the Assign button is disabled. My topic shows up in the Project Map File. The topic displays with the HH files and a .h extension has been added to it.


      I can't delete these topics from the Project Map file. I can't assign them map IDs. And this seems to happen randomly. SOMETIMES I can map my topics, but I never know when I can do it and when one of them is going to land in the Project Map file.


      Can anyone help?