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    how to control frames in MC_b using button inside MC_a?




      Im making a scrolling image gallery

      basically i have 2 movieclips inside a main movieclip, MC_a and MC_b.

      MC_a animates the scrolling effect of the thumb panel. within which there are 15 buttons.

      MC_b has 15 large photos arranged in 15 frames. (1 photo per frame).


      what i want to do is when i press a button in MC_a it will gotoAndStop at the frame in MC_b displaying the large photo.


      I've tried placing script in MC_b in a layer called "action" and extending it to 15 frames:


      import flash.events.MouseEvent;




      function play1(event:MouseEvent):void






      I did this for all 15 buttons but none of them works. btw, i am using actionscript 3, Flash CS5

      please help!