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    Trouble with adding data to a database


      I have just recently started my journey into Flex 4. I began with the Lynda.com Flash Builder 4 and Flex 4: Essential Training and did very well understood everything and it all made sense. When I got into chapter 15 is when I started having problems. I followed the instructions and installed the WAMP server package. Everything worked until I was on the last lesson sending data to database. When I clicked the button to add the information nothing happened.


      I went promptly into debugging and set breakpoints so I could follow the processing. It appears right before the code to actually update the database was caught in a failure loop. I am able to pull data from the database without issue so I am connected.


      I found another tutorial to see if there was something wrong with the methodology behind the lesson on lynda. http://www.flashrealtime.com/flash-builder-4-and-php-data-services/. This tutorial again went very smoothly. Data came into the list without issue. Once I got to updating the information it failed. I even was able to add a button to try and add a new record which also failed. I am thinking the issue lies either in the Zend framework or the generated service call.


      All of my searching on the forums has left me stumpped and I hope someone might be able to help. If you need any information relating to the code or logs please let me know where I can find the information or how to generate and I will provide as necessary.


      Thank you for your kindness patience and understanding.