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    Embedded PDF blank with Reader X and Firefox in protected mode

    Morac Level 1

      Lately I've noticed that for certain PDFs (those served in a web page) in Firefox 4.0b10, that the page is simply blank.  There's nothing but the normal Firefox background.  Acrord32.exe never runs.  If I kill the plugin-container.exe process it simply says the Adobe plugin crashed and asks if I want to reload.  If do I get the same blank page again.


      I have to go and turn off protected mode, kill the plugin-container.exe process again and then the PDF will load.  This problem seems to occur with PDF files that load solely in the plugin-container.exe and don't launch acrord32.exe.   They also have the old Reader 9 style toolbar at the top of the page instead of the floating toolbar in the middle of the page.