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    UOP student needs help with error message.


      I am new to Flash. The first scene we created in class went well with no error messages. I tried to add a second scene adding more creativity with pictures processed from my video camera to the MovieMaker program saved as JPEG images. I used these images in the second scene. I did not test and retest the scene as I was building it--fatal error. When I tried to convert it to a swf file, a prompt showed up stating "the content will not stream, runtime shard library will require all of your content to download before the first frame will play." Then it tells you how to change the library settings (of which I have no idea what to do). Another fla file that I had saved to my desk top will not open. When I click on the file, a prompt stating "unknown file format" appears and then the application closes.


      Is it because of my pictures? software? or virus problem?


      Please help, I have only a few days to submit my next assignment. Now the software won't let me put a scene two in it without a runtime prompt showing up.




      A UOP student