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    WarMaker MMORPG




      My partner and I have been working on this new Shockwave MMORPG for a while now, and I was hoping to get feedback from the Director community.


      A short description of the game: It's a fantasy based MMORPG where you choose from a few different races (like Humans, Orcs, etc..) and you go out into the world to fight and complete quests. It's still in development, and we're adding new things all the time.



      WarMaker - Play Now

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          tyree_2 Level 2

          I think you should put the attacks on the keys. and not have to target the enemy before beginning an attack. that makes it very stiff

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            Owen Buddenbaum Level 1

            Great design, congratuations.


            I see a few problems:


            - camera and character go through walls... u should refine collision proxies and make a rigidbody for camera


            - it's too slow... a shockwave game should run something like 50 fps.

            u gotta optimize your scene: make sure all textures have power2 dimensions, split large models into smaller ones to optimize frustum culling