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    Audio playback problem - Premiere CS5/Matrox mini


      I've run into some major problems getting audio to playback on my timeline in Matrox Premiere Projects. I have a mini with Max. My machine is running Windows 7 Professional, i7 960 chip, 12 GB of RAM. Speakers are ASUS Xonar DS (ASIO compliant). For no apparent reason, I can longer hear audio when I'm playing the timeline. I can hear audio playback when I play a clip in the preview monitor, but the audio sounds like it's playing at extremely slow speed and there's digital distortion. When I create a timeline that's not Matrox and switch to Premiere Pro WDM Sound in audio hardware preferences (as opposed to ASUS Xonar D2 speakers), I can hear normal audio when playing in both the preview monitor and timeline. I'm at the end of my rope - don't know how to correct this. Would most appreciate any ideas. Thanks. By the way, I should say I don't have problems playing any other audio - from Encore, or Sound Booth.