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    Image is not being properly Rendered inside Custom Itemrenderer of  DatagridColumn

    kiran7881 Level 1

      Hi ,


      I am using Custom Item Renderer for Datagrid to display Images .


      <mx:DataGridColumn  showDataTips="false">




      This ViewElement.mxml consists of this Thing


          <mx:Image id="delImage" source="http://media.linkedin"/>
          <mx:Label id="viewname" text="sometext" maxWidth="{this.width}" truncateToFit="true" height="18"  styleName="viewElementLabel" />




      Now the Problem is taht the for the First Time the Image is not shown properly (I mean only the Head Upto Hair of the Person is shown)


      But from Next Time Onwards teh Full Image is displayed .


      Please tell me know what might be the problem here


      Thanks for reading .