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    Spot colour blues

    JC@JD Level 1

      Hi Guys (and Gal's)


      I have a little problem which is slowly turning into a major irritation. What happens is that I create spot colours, say one for Silver and one for Metallic board. The relevant objects and elements are "coloured" as required, the file saved and all the colours are okay / correct / in spot.


      Yet when I open the files later, the spots magically convert to process. Not even global process colours, just the plain old colour makeup in process that

      I chose for the colour. (Which was definitely a spot when I saved it). For some reason this issue happens mostly to light grey's or colours intended to

      be "metallic".


      And what blows my mind even more is that the one file where the metallic board changes from spot to process is a file that was made from another file

      of a variant that uses the same design only with a different colour in one of the logos. For instance, FILE A would be the file I used, metallic board, blue spot,

      silver text etc. saves fine, opens fine... the spots stay spot colours. Then I copy the file to another "variant" folder, change the blue spot to green, save the

      file, the spots are spot colours. But once I open the file again the metallic has turned into 0c 0m 0y 25k. Yet the "blue" one is still as I saved it.


      Have any of you guys come across something like this before?







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          bpylant Level 2

          This really isn't a color management issue, and you don't mention what program you're using or what file format(s) you're saving to.

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            JC@JD Level 1



            Sorry for not mentioning the software. As for the colour management issue, sorry, I must have misunderstood the meaning.

            I am getting used to this "forum style" one post at a time so please forgive any faux pas I might commit.


            I am using Illustrator CS4 on a Dual 1.8Ghz PowerPC G5 Running Mac OS X 10.5.8.


            I've come across a similar issue though, about a year and a half ago on a PC running XP.







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              alessandra minotti


              i don't understand very well,maybe is better that you try again,try to see if working your pictures in filter and gone to light effect ,open this  to material

              effect,try to move the slider on the left and move to plastic direction...maybe is only a little light adjustment issue.(ps4 for this is the same of ps5).


              alessandra minotti