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    access itemrenderer problem

    mohsena Level 1

      I have group container that have itemrenderer  ,I use Array of valueobject to pass date to itemrenderers . days.dataprovider =daysDisplay , days is the group container  and daysDisplay is  an arry of value object. I can access  indexes of  DaysDispaly but I can't access to itemrenderer instance which is deigned to show each of the above value object  :

      Definition of datagroup

      <s:DataGroup x="7" y="54" width="158" height="134"
       id="days_g" itemRenderer="DateChooser.components.DayIcon" rollOverColor="#B6E3FF">
                <s:TileLayout horizontalGap="0" verticalGap="0" requestedColumnCount="7"/>

      Setting dataprovider for datagroup:

      ays_g.dataProvider=daysToDisplay; // daysToDisplay is an ArrayList  contains my valueObjects

      Registerig click event for datagroup:


      Event handler:

      private function onDaysClick(evt:MouseEvent):void{
                          //here I tried  to access the select method of clicked item renderer

      thank you for your attention.