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    Video Playback Issues


      I recently built a system with some help from folks on this board.   Things went pretty well overall, and the system seemed to be performing  well.  I just got a GH2 camera, and I've been testing out some pretty  typical panning and slider moves, and when watching the footage at 100  percent on my 1920x1080 display, I notice what looks like micro-stutter  or flickering.  It's almost as if the display doesn't refresh at the  correct rate or something.  Audio and video stay in sync, and the video  still plays back in real time, both in premiere pro cs5, and windows  media player.  It just doesn't look smooth, certainly not like it does  when I play straight off the HDMI connection from the camera.


      I'm  about at wits end.  I've tried updating drivers, rolling back drivers,  reinstalling windows, etc...  I can't seem to resolve it.  What's more,  I'm not even sure how to properly explain it.  Anyone have any idea?  Is  it possible that the NVIDIA card is bad?


      Current configuration is this -

      i7 - 950

      GTX 470

      24gb RAM

      OS is on a 64gb SSD

      RAID 0 for the media drive


      I've  run all of eVGA's applications and tested the card, it sees to do well  running their stress test and what not.  But full resolution AVCHD just  doesn't look smooth.


      Thanks for your help.

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          carpeybiggs Level 1

          In trying to nail this down further, I spent a couple hours today trying to figure out how to properly describe this.  I would say it closely resembles tearing, where only part of the frame is refreshing at a time, resulting in a horizontal band where there is a picture shift,  that last one or two frames.  sometimes, the entire frame seems to stutter, almost like it goes back 5 frames and then jumps back to the proper frame.


          it's most easily seen in slow panning moves or sliding moves, and it's definitely much more visible in premiere.  it's only slightly noticeable in windows media player.


          is it possible the card is bad?

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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            Could it be that your source material is interlaced while you use a progressive monitor to watch it?

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              carpeybiggs Level 1

              thanks for chiming in Harm. 


              I've tried it in a variety of different formats, 720p, 1080i, from multiple types cameras.  when i create new sequence presets i'm simply dragging the clip down onto the create new button, so the settings should be all square.  i seem to be getting it regardless of where the file is coming from.  even when exporting footage, i'm getting weird stutters.


              it's also happened from a jpg sequence i used to shoot some timelapses with, edited in AE, and then imported into premiere.  crazy frustrating.


              i don't have an external monitor right now, just using the standard editing workspace in premiere.

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                Jim_Simon Level 9
                even when exporting footage, i'm getting weird stutters.


                How is that export being viewed?

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                  carpeybiggs Level 1

                  it's being viewed in windows media player, on the same pc that is editing it.

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                    Jim_Simon Level 9



                    Try VLC instead.  Also try a Blu-ray burn and watch that on an HDTV.  Report back.

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                      I just completed a build to run AVCCAM footage and I've been experiencing EXACTLY what you describe.  It seems that the system can't quite keep up with the footage... it is most evident on shots that have a pan... it seems to create horizontal "slices" that catch up to the image a bit late.

                      I'm using a GTX 470 and am thinking it might be the cause... The system has 24Gb of RAM... Raid5... solid state scratch drive... twin Xeon multi core processors, so it would seem enough hardware... others are using the GTX 470 with success, so it might be a settings thing.


                      One thing I did resolve was getting my first project off the machine... I was seeing smoothe facial detail on the preview, but when I rendered it, it was pixilated and jittery around fine detail like eyelashes.  I tried checking the "match settings" box in Adobe Media Encoder and that helped... for the uncompressed AVI, I used the V210 codec as opposed to the VUY... The F4V flash looked great too, but I understand that Nvidia developed it, so that's no surprise.


                      For the slices... I tried outputting through the DVI as well as HDMI and neither helped... one thing I did notice was that if I previewed a small slice of the timeline multiple times... it seemed to get better after playing a couple of times... perhaps it was more in RAM then.


                      Perhaps someone else can shed some light on this issue?


                      Good Luck (to us)

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                        multi-mediacorp Level 1

                        In reply to my own reply... I spent the afternoon with the Adobe tech support folks trying to address this issue of the horizontal splits on panning shots.

                        We tried installing the latest Premier updates, the latest Nvidia driver for the 470, changing the output resolution to 1/2 and 1/4 and back to full... no difference.

                        We tried rendering the timeline work area and then playing back the rendered footage on the timeline... nothing... still slices horizontally on playback (I noticed that it happens mostly on vertical content (pillars, edges etc.)  They are supposed to look into it and get back to me tomorrow afternoon...

                        The only saving grace is that the finished renders are fine... it's just a potentially embarassing client preview issue at this point.

                        Change enevitably brings advantages and increased capabilities, but the growing pains are never pleasant... (that's as nicely as I could rewrite it)

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                          ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                          Did you guys by chance install the software for your keyboard and mouse such as the Microsoft Intelli software or the Logitech software?




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                            carpeybiggs Level 1

                            hi eric,


                            i did not install any of those drivers.  i am still having the exact same issues.  unfortunately, i'll be gone for the next month after this weekend, but i will report back again when i return.


                            check out my PPBM5 score too.  perhaps this sheds more light?  the GPU acceleration is almost nothing.  could this be something?


                            name is Danransom, score of 257.  score for CPU/GPU acceleration is 60, which is borderline pathetic...




                            thanks for the responses thus far, appreciate it.

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                              ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                              Ya the MPE is definitely not working with that. What video driver version did you install first and what driver version do you have now? How did you install the current driver that you have now? Did you update the previous?




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                                carpeybiggs Level 1

                                i'm on a remote laptop now, not my editing rig, so i don't have the numbers exactly.  but i've tried installing the driver two ways.  i think the current one is 266 something...  it came with 258? 


                                originally i installed in the typical fashion, off the CD, after the first install of win7, and then tried to update it after a week or two.  second time i tried installing fresh just from the newest drivers after a fresh install of win7, without ever installing the original driver.

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                                  ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                                  Does not sound like the video driver is in right or your Adobe updated correctly. I would need to remote in to see.




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                                    carpeybiggs Level 1

                                    thanks again for your help.  i'll post again when i return back off the grid, second week of march, and see if i can get it worked out.  appreciate your input.


                                    forgot to mention that the premiere is up to date at 5.03.

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                                      ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                                      I saw that in your benchmark report but it does not sound like the update went correctly or the driver. It's one or the other.

                                      Did you by chance install the Demo/Trial version of Adobe first?




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                                        carpeybiggs Level 1

                                        I did install the trial first.  But, when I reinstalled windows I didn't install the trial, just the full program...

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                                          multi-mediacorp Level 1

                                          OK... After spending several days with multi-hour sessions with my new friends in India (the "outsourced) Adobe tech support center), I have to tell you I have a new respect for these guys.  Not only did they stick with me for the super long sessions... they even called me back at the appointed hour the next day, and then followed up after that...

                                          Bottom line... WE FIXED IT!!!


                                          The wierd part is that we're not exactly sure what the problem was... but the following is a chronology of what we did.  I'm not sure if this will work for you, but I am going to list everything we did, as I'm not sure if it was a single act or a combination of prerequisites and then the last step.

                                          As we know, the symptoms were horizontal lagged slicing of the video during playback in the program monitor of Premier CS5... particularly on shots incorporating a pan.


                                          We did an update of the entire Master Suite Collection from "help/updates"

                                          next we went to Nvidia and got the latest driver for the GTX470

                                          he had me go to "start" and type in "%appdata%" and then go to the premier folders and delete the contents...

                                          he then had me go to "start" and type in "msconfig" and run windows in diagnostic mode.

                                          tried creating a new project, bringing in the pan shot that was slicing up and dragging it to "new item" just to make sure it would create a sequence that exactly matched the footage... no help.


                                          After agreeing to shoot some more footage over the weekend... we agreed to another call on Tuesday... After we hung up, I had a graphic to complete that night, so I opened Photoshop and to my surprise, I could no longer access my graphics on the Network... no network, no server, no easy way to work. 
                                          I hastily called back the direct number they gave me and my guy was busy, but the NEW guy helped me quickly to get back to Windows Normal, and Bingo, I'm back on the network... in the meantime, I had relayed my tale of woe and he was curious to try some things.

                                          We then went to "edit/preferences/media/media cache database/clean" to clean the cache files... nada

                                          We tried playback at 1/2, and even 1/4 resolution... nothing


                                          To verify that the footage itself was OK, we simply opened it in Windows Media Player and, guess what.... played FINE!  I uploaded the footage to them via their FTP site and they tried it in Premier and it was OK there too!  Really Frustrating.  You might try your footage in WMP just to aggravate yourself...

                                          Just around the time the second guy started to give me the prepared speech about the software has the latest updates, drivers... blah blah blah....

                                          He says... let's try adding a USER...  we added a new administrative user and to our surprise, IT WORKED!!!

                                          I'm the only person who touches this machine... so there was only the one Administrative user.... I'm not sure if there was some garbage interfering with Premier from one or more of the Master Suite programs or settings... I do have a mouse with a lot of buttons as well as a Wacom tablet and I read an above post asking about that... I just customized the buttons on my mouse, and Premier still works... but I'm telling you, There will be no other program used by the new user.... I'll run everything else through the previous main user... I haven't tried editing a graphic from the timeline in Photoshop yet, but at this point... everything is happy....   so, I won't be standing by for my support call on Tuesday.


                                          We went to set a Restore point at the moment of the fix and to our surprise, Windows 7 (unlike XP Pro) does not allow us to set a restore point, only choose a previous one arbitrarily set by the machine itself.  I used to set a restore point before adding any hardware or software, just to have a parachute.


                                          Anyway... I hope this helps.

                                          Best Regards