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    Making Components Invisible inside Custom ItemRenderer of DataGridColumn

    kiran7881 Level 1

      Hi ,


      Inside a  MXML File i have :

      <mx:TabBar  id="viewTab"  >


      <mx:DataGridColumn id="Testing2"     itemRenderer="navigation.ViewElement">


      The  ItemRenderer Component defined above  for the above DataGridColumn consists of :




          <mx:VBox id="peopleimages" >
          <mx:Label id="viewname" text="Some Text"/>
              <mx:Image id="delImage" source="{getImageforPeople()}" visible="true"  height="100%" width="100%"/>

      Now depending upon TabBar Click if its value is "One" then only i need to show this VBOX Component to true
      Other wise if the TabBar click value is "Two" then i should make this VBox visible to false .


      Please tell me .