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    Why doesn't ADE recognise my ereader?!




      I have had a Sony PRS -300 for some time and all has been well using their library.  I am on a Mac. 


      With a recent purchase of ebooks (WHSmiths) I was told that I had to download ADE in order to access the download.


      Did this - and whilst I can download the books - ADE doesn't recognise my e reader (it doesn't appear in the bookshelf).  I am registered and my computer is authorised on ADE. 


      What makes it worse is that I can't now access the Sony Library either!


      I rang Adobe - who were no help and told me I could email directly (which I can't seem to) and have marked my question as withdrawn! 


      WH Smiths say it is an Adobe Licensing problem.......


      Is this why everyone wants an iPad?

      Help,  please ...