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    Help: Portfolio Navigation WelcomePage and Navigation Header

    Abhinav Sharma Level 2

      The DDX reference guide notes that  the Assembler service can not help you create Navigation Welcomepages  or Navigation Headers. It suggests you create these using Acrobat and  then reference them in your DDX. It also states that the source of  either of these can be a PDF or XML file. The example below is taken  directly from the DDX reference. I have a process that builds DDX  dynamically at runtime. If I can do the same for the XML  (myXMLWelcomePage or myXMLHeader), I'll have the ability to create text  dynamically and display it in my Navigation Header.


      <PDF result="newPackage" >
          <WelcomePage source="myXMLWelcomePage"/>
          <Header source="myXMLHeader"/>



      Does  anyone have an example of what the XML file would look like for either  myXMLWelcomPage or myXMLHeader or know of another approach?


      I appreciate the help.