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    CSS Problem with Text Link Outline


      I'm trying to make my text within my list appear as normal text and not be underlined and colored like normal hyperlink text.  I am also trying to make the entire cutton clickable for the link and not just the text itself.  Here is my HTML and my CSS along with the website.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!!





      <li class=nav><a href="http://www.drewtempleton.com">Services</a>

      <li class=nav><a href="http://www.drewtempleton.com">Work</a>

      <li class=nav><a href="mailto:info@hassionstudios.com">Contact</a>

      <li class=nav><a href="http://www.hassionstudios.com/blog">Blog</a>



      .nav {

      font-family:Orator Std, Century Gothic, sans-serif;

      color: #FFFFFF;


      text-align: center;

      display: inline-table;

      margin: 10px;

      margin-top: 375px;

      padding: 5px 5px 5px 5px;

      background: #03D0FF;

      -webkit-transition: background 0.5s ease;

      -moz-transition: background 0.5s ease;

      -o-transition: background 0.5s ease;

      transition: background 0.5s ease;

      border-radius: 15px;

      width: 100px;

      opacity: 0.5;