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    Editing in PE8 suddenly VERY sluggish

    chuckpuckett Level 1


      I've been editing with PE8 for about a year now, generally satisfied, though I did experience a bit of "stickiness" in editing from time to time (by that I mean when attempting something, PE8 would lag behind a little in dragging or zooming in or out or whatever). Not enough to prevent work, but a little annoying.


      Partly in an attempt to solve that problem, I recently purchased a new machine: quad-processor, 2.9 GHz, 6 GB RAM, 2.5 TB, Win 7 Home Premium 64-bit. The video is integrated. And I certainly saw some definite improvement.


      Until last night.


      My editing is mainly "homemade" music video, (www.chuckpuckettsongaweek.com). We record a live performance of a song, and also make a board recording, then I mix the the audio into the video, add titles, credits, etc. It's a 3 camera shot, so I generally add some cross-fades from camera to camera for variety. Nothing extraordinary at all. Last night, however, trying to edit essentially the same sort of project, PE8 turned into molasses! I mean, minutes to do the simplest thing (even placing a copntrol point takes forever). And this is for a 3.5 minute song.


      There are 2 differences in this project, differences I would not have thought to have this kind of drastic impact.

      • Normally, I replace the audio on the "primary" video clip with the sound board audio (the other clips have their audio removed). In this project, I added the board audio as a separate clip, and kept the primary video's audio, with it's volume at -10dB (this gives me a little more "live room" sound).
      • In this project, rather than cross-fading betweeen all 3 clips, I horizontally offset two of them, so they play side by side. This is one constant offset, NOT a dynamic move during the video. Then I'd fade in/fade out the 3rd clip a couple times.


      This whole process took FOREVER. Just setting the control points for the fades was painful. Pressing the Play button meant waiting for minutes to get any response. I actually rendered the whole thing thinking that might improve editing response. Which it did, until about the 2nd edit. For what it's worth, Task Manager showed PE8 as consuming ~25-30% CPU time (when I appeared "frozen", waiting for a mouse click to take effect), and using ~1GB of memory (a modest memory consumption it seemed to me).


      I really can't edit like this. And I really can't understand why the editing is suddenly so slow. It's been very responsive before, at least for the simple things I'm doing. In my frustration, I actually went looking for competing products (Power Director, Pinnacle). I certainly want to stay with what I've learned (and paid for), but not at the cost of impossible editing conditions.


      I appreciate any help anyone can offer, or enlightenment as to what to investigate

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Much depends on your source video and how well it is matched to your project settings. What kind of camcorder is your video coming from and which settings did you select for your Premiere Elements project?


          If you've selected the ideal project settings, there will not be a red line above your clips on the timeline until an effect or transition has been added. Mixing several formats of video can definitely drag program performance down.


          If you are using an Opacity setting to cut from camera to camera, it's also likely the timeline needs a lot of rendering, indicated by the red line above the clips on the timeline. You should be able to improve performance by rendering the timeline (pressing Enter so that those red lines turn green) whenever you see a red line above your clips.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Take a look at some of the links in this THREAD. You have provided really good info, with just a couple of exceptions: knowing the embedded graphics chip, its driver number/date, the full specs. of the I/O, and the exact specs. of your source footage.


            Note: an embedded graphics chip is not the best for Video editing, unless the chip is nVidia, or ATI. If Intel, the driver support is horrible, and can often cause issues, especially with re-draw times in the GUI.


            To see if we can speed things up a bit, let's turn the Thumbnail Display in the Timeline to None. That will mean that your Clips will only display their name, and not any Thumbnails.


            Good luck,



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              chuckpuckett Level 1

              It's 2 MTS files (AVCHD) and 1 MOV file. Like I said, this mixture has never

              been a problem before. Also, the one rendering that I did do took A LONG

              TIME (another surprise, considering quad-processor and 6 GB RAM). And did

              not appreciably improve the editing performance except for the 1st couple of

              edits (not even edits, really: placeing control point, zoom operation).

              Here's a surprise: doing the render took a long time, but creating an MPG

              file (which obviously requires another render) was only a few minutes.


              Is there another way other than Opacity swaps to cut from clip to clip? I've

              had videos in this same series that had MANY more cuts (this one only had 2)

              with no problems. Also note: the editing issues were there BEFORE adding the

              Opacity swaps. Hell, it was almost impossible to add the Opacity control pts

              to do the cut, the editing repsonse was ALREADY so slow.


              That's why I wondered if the horizontal offsets permanently employed on 2 of

              the clips had any effect. That was the only real "new" thing here. But like

              I said, these were not dynamic moves. I offset the clips once for the whole

              video. I would have thought that would be optimized.

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                chuckpuckett Level 1

                Will turn off thumbnail (did not know you could do that, so that's a piece

                of knowledge. I HATE the "thumbnail wait" whenever I zoom in or out).

                I'm not at home right now, don't know specifics of onboard video. It's an HP

                Elite machine, with AMD Phenom II Quad-Core Processor, but can't recall what

                video. I'll invest in a card, but I still can't understand why the slowness

                has SUDDENLY appeared, after projects were no problem. You can see all these

                since I got the new machine here: www.chuckpuckettsongaweek.com; the latest

                one is not posted yet (they get posted beginning of the week). These are NOT

                genius cinematography. The 1st and the current one (4th) are the

                multi-camera videos. Edited without incident.


                Wait. I just realized one other important difference. The previous 3 camera

                videos were 2 MOV files (from ZOOM Q3's) and 1 MTS file (Lumix). The problem

                child is *1 *MOV file, 2 MTS files (Lumix ind Vixia). That's twice as many

                HD clips. Would that cause such a horrible slowdown?