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    Reflection doesn't appear

    acehema Level 1

      Hi ,


      I am using the reflector component ( Live reflection with blur from Tour de flex )  for the images and find that the reflection appears for some images and doesn't appear for the others even thought the image and the parameters are the same . sample code is attached . I get reflection for img1 but not for img2 .  Any particular reason for that . I use Flex 4 .




          <mx:Image source="assets/blank.png" id="img1" width="202" height="259" x="538" y="136" />
          <mx:Image source="assets/blank.png" id="img2" width="202" height="259" x="307" y="59"/>


          <reflector:Reflector id="myReflector2" target="{img1}" alpha="0.8" falloff="0.7" blurAmount="0.4"/>
          <reflector:Reflector id="myReflector3" target="{img2}" alpha="0.8" falloff="0.7" blurAmount="0.4"/>