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    Custom icons disapearing when loading multiple custom .swc's



      I've got a handful of  .swc each containing different custom components. To each of these .swcs  I've referenced icons to these components, adding  IconFile[("[component].png")] to the component's action script. Problem  is that some of these .swc's have dependencies between them (for  example, i have a base .swc and a skins .swc, the skins refers to the  base .swc's components).


      Loading the .swc's together  causes some icons to not display (displaying the generic icon for custom  components). I haven't noticed a specific pattern for why some icons  display properly and other don't - some .swc's with dependencies can be  loaded with no problem but other .swc's can't load with its specified  icon.

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          Anirudh Sasikumar Adobe Employee

          There was a bug fixed recently around this. But I'd need more details to confirm if this is the same:


          * Flash Builder version?

          * Flex SDK version?

          * By loading, you mean adding the SWCs as a dependency, right?

          * For each SWC (I'm assuming these are library projects in Flash Builder), what is the link type in Project properties -> Build path?


          If you can provide a minimal sample project that demonstrates the problem, it would be extremely helpful.