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    Beta use and project safety


      Hey Adobe peeps,

      I am about to work on several projects that I would like to do in Audition (it has been my go to editor since you put out the beta). I do not see anything that states how long the beta will be operable. I do not mind buying a copy, but I do not want to get into this project and get locked out for a few weeks (or longer with the speed of corporate things). Can anyone advise me if I am safe to run with this for a while?

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          _durin_ Adobe Employee

          The beta version will  continue to operate for several weeks beyond the date that Audition is made available for purchase.  Unfortunately, until Adobe officially announces this release date, I cannot divulge more details.  I can assure you that any sessions created with the beta will be fully compatible with the release edition.  I also believe that Adobe will continue to offer 30-day, fully functional free trials so even if you're not prepared to purchase the application around the time of release, you can continue to have access beyond the beta expiration by installing the retail trial edition.