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    UNIX style paths on Mac OS X

    Francis Devereux

      The javadoc for com.adobe.ids.links.LinkOperations.getFilePath() says "Returns: The file path (colon delimited on the Mac OS). (String or File)". This means that when running on OS X I get paths like "Macintosh HD:Users:francis:Code:Bright:bluebooks:trunk:testdata:glacier.jpg", which aren't very useful when working in Java because they aren't what the Java APIs expect. For example, new java.io.File(link.getFilePath()).getName() won't work because java.io.File expects UNIX style (slash-delimited) file paths.


      Is there any way of getting the linked file path as a UNIX path? Or is there a method in the InDesign API that will convert colon-delimited paths to UNIX-style paths?