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    XML Export & Import

    kingphysh Level 4

      Just need some clarity and guidance.


      I have a form created in LC Designer ES2 that "ideally" needs to export its data to an XML file to be saved. I have done this by openning the "completed" form in Acrobat Pro, however, it would be great if the data can be exported using Reader--with a script on a button in the form


      I am confused whether this is possible. I believe it may be. So, if it is, I will need some details in how to do it. I have tried a number of things without success.


      I need:

      • example script for the button?
      • settings in LC form properties?
      • understanding of "certified" PDF, if it is required and how to setup--is this the same as Extending Reader Features?
      • Can it be tested within LC Designer, or must the Reader Features be extended and tested outside LC Designer?


      Secondly, can the XML be imported back into a form to pre-populate some fields (once again, using Reader)?. The reason for this is that there will be undoubtedly revisions (fields added, etc.) made to the form and it would be nice to be able to use the existing data for the "legacy" fields so the user need only to update the renaining fields .


      Regarding licensing, there will be less than 500 of these, so I would sure like to avoid making a huge investment in LiveCycle Enterprise software, if it is not required. It would be much more than I need at this time and I am not sufficently audacious to learn to use it.


      If it is not possible to export directly to the client computer, is there a different way for Reader to do this (e.g. using a server)?