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    Adobe Reader X ( Blurred rendering compared with version 9


      Dell Dimension 8300 PC, Win XP Pro SP3, Video: NVIDIA GeForce 7600GS (latest driver).

      Dell XPS-1530 Laptop, Vista Ultimate, Video: NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT (latest driver).


      This is more a report of observations than a request for help, to see if anyone else has seen

      the same thing.


      I installed Adobe Reader X over the top of Reader 9.4.1 on both systems.

      I noticed that the text in PDFs was blurred/smudged and faint compared with Reader 9.4.1.

      The smudging was most noticeable with the vertical segments of characters being smeared

      sideways to the right. Other PDF content was also less sharp compared with 9.4.1.

      I found this to be the case with either "Monitor" or "Laptop/LCD" text-smoothing options

      in the Page Display preferences. FYI, I use the "Monitor" option for greater clarity in 9.4.1

      even though I'm using LCDs.


      I uninstalled Reader X from "Add/Remove Programs" in Windows Control Panel, then

      reinstalled Reader 9.4.0 and reapplied the update to 9.4.1. I still had the same problem!

      It was as if 9.4.1 was still using something in the Reader X display engine that X had left

      behind, or maybe a hidden config change had not been reset by the reinstallation of 9.4.1.


      The display of text was too poor and caused eyestrain so I resorted to a system restore

      to recover the original sharper display in 9.4.1.

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          RayMillerX Level 1

          I seem to have solved my problem by a clean, direct install of Reader X 10.0.1

          (not an upgrade from 10.0.0) after the following intermediate steps...


          (1) Upgraded from 9.4.1 to 9.4.2 after receiving an auto update detection.

               The rendering was then as blurred as with X 10.0.0, even with preference setting

               Smooth Text = "For Monitor".


          (2) Uninstalled 9.4.2 using XP Add/Remove Programs and manually removed

               directories for Reader 9 in \Program Files and my user account folder tree.


          (3) Downloaded AdbeRdr1001_en_US.exe for Reader X 10.0.1 to install later.


          (4) Installed it and manually reconfigured my preferences, including Rendering:

               Smooth Text = "For Monitor"  (even though I have a TFT screen).


          Smooth Text = "For Monitor" gives me sharper vertical strokes in characters than

          Smooth Text = "For Laptops/LCD screens".

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            JongAmPark Level 1

            The text smoothing for CRT is too sharp and the one for LCD is too blurred.

            Nothing can match the older style rendering provided by previous version of Reader.


            I also installed the X cleanly.

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              RayMillerX Level 1

              Hi Jong,


              I acknowledge your comment about the previous Reader having better


              A lot of the pdfs I have been reading are relatively old academic papers and

              were often created with LaTeX.

              I might have said that Reader X was optimised for newer pdfs, or for those

              written with Acrobat,

              but I've since observed that I could improve the rendering by thorough

              housekeeping after uninstallation of all

              my versions of Reader and then installation of Reader X 10.0.1.

              I think the rendering could still be sharper, even then!


              I've also tried Foxit reader and it was as bad as my first encounter with

              Reader X 10.0.0. That was disappointing

              because I hoped to take advantage of Foxit's document tabs, which Adobe no

              longer provides.