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    How to change the content on a page without reloading the whole page


      Hi there,


      I'm new to the web design field and i was wondering how to accomplish something:


      Im designing a webpage for my band and I want to use an image of a tv as a constant in the website

      and then for instance if you clicked 'biography' just the information on the screen would change not load

      a whole new page which would be noticeable to the user.


      The buttons would either be on the tv image and I'd use hotspots and slices etc or they may be

      image elements on the tv screen that loads different information. The information might not just be text

      it might be an image with text like a textpane in an image of a skull's mouth for instance..


      How would I do this? Is this a css thing? Im using fireworks to put it all together visually and mechanically

      and then I'd like to export it to dreamweaver.


      Any suggestions? Even just a link to tutorial where these principles are used would be great.


      Thank you for your time.