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    Best Method To Transfer to DVD

    BillyBRoll Level 1


      I took a project in to export last night. I am now able to do H.264 and choose Vimeo HD and that is great for posting on Vimeo. Now, I went to do a DVD and chose MPEG-2 DVD and it kept giving me an error message. So, I decided to use Encoder to do it, which took more time, but it worked. I chose MPEG-2 DVD and it matched at highest quality. Played great on my home DVD player and on the computer's DVD player, but today I played it at work in a Power DVD player, Windows Media Player and a standard DVD player and it plays but pulsates through the entire production. Might I get some feedback on the easiest way to produce a DVD that I can be sure will play in most DVD players for my clients. I am looking at doing productions in Encore from now on, but I still have to learn that one a bit before I commit. The only formats I will really need for right now is to go to DVD for flatscreen TV and to Vimeo and Youtube, that is it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I only hope that as I learn more, I can help others here on the forum.




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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You are in the CS5 forum, so I presume you are actually using Premiere Pro and Encore CS5


          PPro CS5 will NOT create a "movie" DVD... that must be done in Encore (your description is not clear on how you made a DVD)


          CS5 User Guides - online and PDF - see link in upper right, right click to save PDF to computer
          http://blogs.adobe.com/premiereprotraining/2010/08/help-documents-for-creative-suite-5-pdf -and-html.html


          Read the instructions in the Encore guide, then report back with exactly what you are doing... someone may be able to help

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            BillyBRoll Level 1

            Thanks. I exported through Pr CS5 through Preview which links to Encoder as a MPEG-2 DVD and Wav file. I then took the MPEG-2 DVD Video file and the Wav Audio file and imported it to TOAST and then had it burn a DVD for me. I guess I really got to get into learning Encore.


            Thanks for the links.  They are helpful.

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              This ARTICLE discusses playability issues, and how best to address them.


              My first guess would be that the multi-drive on the work computer, coupled with the blank media used, or perhaps the burn rate, or data-rate, are causing an issue.


              Can you also step us through your source footage, your Project Preset, and how you got the Sequence into Encore?


              Knowing what the error message, that you received was, might be helpful too.


              Good luck,



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                BillyBRoll Level 1

                Thanks Hunt. I will get back with you on this. I am learning about Encore now, and I do think this is the best way to go abou this from this point forward. I think exporting right from Premiere will be good for some things I might put up on the web or using the export files to build a DVD from another burner program like TOAST, but in looking at Encore, it seems to be a pretty robust program that should work well. But, you are right about knowing more about burning rate, etc. I will see if I can duplicate the error and report back.




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                  I go the Export from PrPro/Import into Encore route, but with reasons. I'm still on CS Production Studio, so ADL was in its infancy. Also, I do DD 5.1 SS Audio for most Projects, and need to Export that with the SurCode DD 5.1 SS encoder plug-in. That said, I usually Export my SD Projects as DV-AVI Video-only files, and DD AC3 Audio-only files. I Import the DV-AVI's into Encore as Timelines, and the AC3's as Assets. In En, I just drag the AC3's to the appropriate Timeline, where they will snap into place. Where I need to manually Transcode the Video Asset, I will still work with an Export, encode that to MPEG-2, and Import into Encore as a Timeline, that will not be Transcoded. I find Encore to be a great program, with but a few limitations.


                  When you get into Encore, there is a very good Encore Forum, and you will see some of the same faces, as here, plus a few more. Don't hesitate to stop by, if you have any questions. I also highly recommend Jeff Bellune's excellent book, The Focal Easy Guide to Adobe EncoreDVD 2.0, Focal Press. Though written for an earlier version, almost 100% of that book still applies, as the program and the book are based on the DVD-specs., and those have not changed. Besides a good working knowledge of Encore and DVD's, the book shares a lot of "tricks" to fool the viewer into thinking that you have found a way around the DVD specs. Cannot recommend that book too highly.


                  Good luck, and happy authoring,