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    Flex kbd event help


      Using the example I found at http://help.adobe.com/en_US/flex/using/WS2db454920e96a9e51e63e3d11c0bf64a29-7fdb.html, I modified my Flex app to listen for keyboard shortcuts being pressed.  It works but only after the user clicks on a blank spot on the web page.  Why?  This is for accessibility and if I make my blind users click using a mouse, it defeats the purpose... Is there a fix for this so that the keystrokes are detected without clicking on the page or am I doing something wrong?


      Here is my code:


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>











      955" minHeight="600">






      <!-- Place non-visual elements (e.g., services, value objects) here -->






      <fx:Script source="BGBasicPlay.as" >








      import mx.core.FlexGlobals;


      protected function init():void {




      // has to set focus then click to work!!!



      protected function keysPressed(evt:KeyboardEvent):void {

      txtKeys.text = evt.keyCode +

      "/" + evt.charCode;


      var nKeyPressed:int = evt.keyCode;


      if (nKeyPressed == 80 && evt.shiftKey == true)





      else {


      if (nKeyPressed == 80 && evt.shiftKey == false)










      <s:Button x="250" y="105" label="Play Song" id="btnPlay" />


      <s:TextInput x="224" y="63" id="txtKeys"/>


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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          See past threads on browser focus

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            billiam407 Level 1

            After wading through over 100 posts, most were either unanswered or had general replies such as yours with no real useful information on how to do this.


            The closest answer I found was this:

            "This is a known bug of Flash Player/Mozilla browsers - SWF does not receive focus at start-up.
            I am not aware about any suitable workaround available. The closest workaround is to place a button and allow user to click on it which will give SWF a focus.

            PS It works in IE without any problem. Good old MS "


            That answer was posted in 2008.  It is now 2011 and you would think that this would have a fix by now... especially with all of the pressure for accessibility.  IE 8 apparently now has this problem as well.


            So, instead of sending me on a wild goose chase, it would really have been more helpful to have received an actual answer from you.






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              Flex harUI Adobe Employee

              I'm not the expert in this area, and my impression is that the capabilities

              of the browsers is changing daily.  Therefore, I don't have a definitive

              answer for you.  I think I've written this summary before, but basically my

              understanding is this:


              The browsers tend to not give the flash player focus.  There is javascript

              you can run on IE and maybe a few other browsers to assign focus to the

              player.  I have seen conflicting reports on whether it works on recent

              versions of FireFox, it didn't work on older ones.