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    After Effects Mac Rendering issues




      First the computer specs:


      Mac OS X Vers. 10.6.6

      2x2.66 Ghz Quad-core Intel Xenon Processor

      32 GB 1066 MHz DDR3 Memory.

      2x 1T Hard Drives


      After Effects Version CS4




      I am working on something that should be very basic and easy, but I can't even render a preview for it without the program either crashing or it taking 60 minutes to render about 3 seconds.  I Created a text that I am turning to sand and dissolving off the screen using the Particle Playground effect.  This is what seems to be bogging down the processor or ram so much that it won't preview or render in even close to a timely matter.  I was wondering if this is a common problem or not.   


      With the amount of processor and Ram size, I thought that turning on the multiprocessing would do the trick, but there was no change.  In the preferences window it says that the Total After Effects Memory usage is 26.87 GB.  I have 2.09 Allocation per CPU.  I am at a loss and have not found a similar post, so I am asking for help since this project is due in two weeks and this effect is key to the opening of the shadow sequences generated with after effects. 


      Thanks all.



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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          What is the resolution of the composition you're rendering?  What are your output settings?  Are you able to post a copy of the project file for assessment?

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            puppetarts Level 1

            I have it at a resolution that is best for the shadow screen we are going to use to project upon.  It is 500 px By 800 px.  So a 5:8 aspect ratio.  Resolution is at full.  1.5MB per 8BPC frame.  I don't see a spot to attach the project file for you, otherwise I would.  I have been able to do other basic effects such as camera tracking and depth of field blurring and unmasking words as they are being written by a hand that is writing, but when I take the text and try the particle playground effect, it freezes the program, sometimes crashes while trying to render, and if it doesn't crash, it projects the rendering to take hours. 


            It has been a headache.  hahaha

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              Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Sorry, file attachments have been eliminated from this forum due to abuse & security issues.  You would need to post with another host and provide the link here - even via Yousendit would do?



              How many particles are being created in your comp?  PP is an absolute render hog, and a nightmare to use, frankly.  You may wish to investigate a more modern and efficient particle option, like Trapcode Particular or Trapcode FormHere's a tutorial on using Form to do a text-to-sand effect.


              Other AE plugins that may assist in "shattering" a layer are CC Pixel Poly or Shatter.