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    Mac Pro 12 Core / OS X 10.6.6 / Never Close AE after Dynamic Link & more ..

    Pharther Phurther Level 1

      Howdy Folks,

      I got more issues than 100 years of Nat. Geographic .. so here it goes:

      My Machine:

      Mac Pro 12 Core Dual 2.9 GHZ 32 GB RAM - GeForce GTX 285 - 4 HD 1 TB RAID internal - - 1 SDD Boot Drive - OS X 10.6.6

      Problem 1.)

      Sending a video clip from PP to AE via Dynamic Link and back creates 2 files which includes a Master Clip and a Linked Compostion.

      During the export ( a.k.a "Replace with AE Effect Compositions" ) AE requests a "Save As:" Project in Menu .. so it seems the export information is saved.

      No matter what one does, even saving the "Project" as forwarded by PP .. you CAN NOT close AE, PP, or shut down the machine cause you will lose the Dynamic link and any rendering you have done.

      Note that all rendering seems to be does in PP since the AE RAM Preview does nothing for the final output.

      As far as I can tell, the AE Render Engine export / save does nothing with Dynamic Link and PP.

      Problem 2.)

      Once the video clip is sent from PP to AE and manipulated in AE it still needs to be rendered ... which as mentioned above, is done in PP.

      If a "Linked Composition" is utilized in a Sequence, and then nested in another .. the whole clip needs to be rendered again ( Render Time X 2 )

      If a Sequence is Multi-Camera enabled .. the whole clip needs to be rendered a third time ( Render Time X 3 )

      Problem 3.)

      I don't know if anyone else is experiencing this .. but the frame rate which doing a Multi-Camera edit sucks ( Just 2 Standard DV video tracks )

      I purchased ( what I thought was ) a good CUDA / Mercury Playback Card GeForce GTX 285 ... then extra GB of RAM and then RAID 4 TB of internal disks .. and it still has no performance increase.

      Yes .. I have the latest drivers .. less one ..which would not install ( http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1083 snow leopard graphics update ) because it said that my Mac OS X was not 10.6.4

      I have also tried the Quadro Update .. which has at least stopped the more serious artifacts when drag / resizing the windows .. as well as stopping the complete crash of the whole Mac OS X system .. which happened several times.

      Problem 4.)

      I have tried the memory recommendations listed in http://forums.adobe.com/thread/734343

      Current settings:

      Installed RAM : 32 GB

      Reserved for Others : 4 GB

      RAM Shared : 28

      Render Multiple:

      Installed Cores 24

      CPUs Reserved: 4

      RAM per Background CPU : 2 GB

      Actual Used CPUs : 9

      Open GL is on .. but as far as I know that has nothing to do with rendering final output or multi-camera playback.

      Performance for rendering never tops 120% in the Activity Monitor. the aeselflinks are weak, and aerenderengine has some unique way of running and then not, showing up replaced by the AE Effects App in the Activity Monitor.

      I have more to post .. but this is a start .. to what end , I'm not sure  .. but hopefully a shed of light of a update will solve this.

      Again .. my key issues:

      1 Can't save a project that uses the Dynamic Link ( Can shut the machine down till finished or risk losing the render )

      2 Can't reasonably edit in Multi-Camera mode ( 2 video tracks ) due to very poor frame rate ( For a $6000 machine?? )

      3 Poor Render performance ( For a $6000 machine?? )