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    Best way to accomplish this transition

    NoRefund17 Level 1
      Just wondering if anybody had some tips on what the best way to accomplish outro and intro transitions from one page to the other. The pages are loaded from external swf files using (load). This is my current plan of attack, it is to have intro animation at the start of each file and outro animation at the end of each swf file. When a button is clicked to load a new file, it will execute a gotoAndPlay(); command that effects the loaded swf file to play the outro animation at the end. Once the end is reached i was planning on setting up a local connection between the main container flash file and the loaded flash file to let the main file know that the transition animation is done playing (probably sending in integer value to a conditional statement in the main file that would then use that change in value to execute the loading of the new file). This is all i can think of. Is there a function that i don't know of that would make this a lot easier? Any suggestions on how to do the best possible transitions between externaly linked pages would be appreciated :). O, and I'm using Actionscript 3.0^^. Thank you :).