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    AE CS5 launching error

    no offence bud



      I'm using windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit


      I've got the Adobe Master Collection CS5 and last night installed PS 64bit, and AE among those collection components.


      There was two types of Photoshop(32 bit, 64 bit), but no for AE(at least I don't think that's the one causing this error)


      No problems with PS so far but AE is driving me going crazy.


      here's what I see when I launch the program.




      With around 0.1 second of  this message appearing, it immediately vanishes.


      therefore, It was hard to capture that message in right time(tried many times, finally got it)


      Anyway, What do you think the problem is?


      I've been trying to find any possible reasons through web for hours, reading many posts others had reported before.


      and from lots of leads, now I have a feeling it might be related to some kinda windows fonts crash but I'm not sure.


      I'm looking forward to seeing any solutions. help me plz!!!