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    projectors to CD


      I teach elementary school kids so things are very basic.


      Students have movies that connect to other students movies.  I was using    go to movie "mymovie1"    and it worked fine with the .dir file in their folder.

      I tried to create a projector and burn it to a CD.

      The CD would bring up dialog box asking to locate the file.


      Changed lingo to      play movie "mymovie1"

      seemed to work better when running off the CD.

      However, I still needed the .dir file in the folder.


      What is the best way to get movies linking back and forth --   create projectors   --  throw them in a folder  --  and burn it to disk  ?

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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

          You shouldn't use 'play movie' unless you use a subsequent 'play done'.


          Instead, try providing a full path to the movie file:

          tMovie = the moviePath & "mymovie1"
          go to movie tMovie


          Are you sure the filename "mymovie1" is correct and that it really is in the same folder as the currently playing file? Director will usually (always?) locate files in the same directory as the current movie. Try appending folders to the searchPathList (check the docs for details):

          on prepareMovie
            (the searchPathList).append(the moviePath)
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            venicescott Level 1

            I can go back and forth between movies adding    the moviePath

            Thanks!  That seems to work.

            I also put in the    on prepareMoive script.    (how do I check the docs for details?)


            If the Macintosh projector and the original file are both in the folder it will work. 

            It the original file is removed it will ask me to locate the file.

            I want to burn a disc that they will be able to share. 

            I have 60 movies that need to be linked together.

            I would like to fit them all on one maybe two disks.

            Must I burn the disk with both the projector and the original file to work?

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              Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

              Since you have more than one file you need to include them all. Most people "protect" their files (to *.dxr) before distributing them on CD/DVD, but you can leave them as *.dir if you don't mind others having access to your Lingo scripts.