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    need one on one training in Presenter

    KaCe Level 1

      Hi. My name is KaCe Whitacre. I am an Adobe User Group Manager in Tacoma. I have been contacted by a local person seeking one on one training in Presenter. As I do not know that application I am coming to this forum to post the question: Does anyone recommend a person or company in the greater Seattle area to teach one on one intensive class in this application? Suggestions on what should be covered?


      The only info I have is this person is going to China soon and will be doing eLearning. She wishes to use Presenter. That's about all I know. I don't know her current level of experience with any applications. I don't know her operating system.


      If you can help me answer her inquiry I'd be grateful. Thank you.


      KaCe, manager SSAUG.org