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    A nice old disjointed rant...

    Tony Heagren Level 1

      Back in the day it was easy - you logged in, chewed the fat, asked and answered a few questions and the forums were buzzing day and night.

      Thesedays the "software" that runs the forums is so awful that I have to log in three times before I'm recognised, I have to reset my country EVERY time (and it's never remembered so I wonder why I bother doing it) and then when I try to help someone out with an answer - I'm logged out and told I should open an Adobe account.


      Is Adobe so proud that it can't just use IP Board or some other (very widely used and well proven) forum tool ?


      Or does EVERYTHING that has an Adobe logo at the top have to be slow, difficult, clumsy and remind me (as a Mac user) of all the worst aspects of the Windows world ?


      The WHOLE site is clumsy, over designed and SLOW.

      The forums are almost unuseable, the community will vanish before your eyes and Quark is still in business for a reason...


      When you lot bought Macromedia you should have paid more attention to what made their products

      1) great


      2) so often and enthusiastically talked about.


      Goodnight (and goodbye until you sort yourselves out)





      PS - no wonder Apple say no - your own website doesn't even work properly.

      Every time I log on I see this.

      Every time I explore an upgrade I see this.

      Every time I try anything on the site I see this.


      OOOPS - guess what - just tried to upload an image and DIDN'T WORK !

      I'll try again (and I'll try again and again until it does because I REALLY want you to know that you must CHANGE).


      A magician who tries to show ALL his tricks in one show is never entertaining.

      Calm down the website (we all know it doesn't really work).

      Get the forums buzzing again by using decent forum software (instead of trying to show off).

      And pull back on the feature laden nonsence you keep trying to inflict on Flash - you've all but killed it by

      making it inpenetrable to art students, designers and anyone who doesn't love cold pizza, lonliness and code.


      Either give Flash wholeheartedly to the geeks and make it a language only programming thing or give it back to the people who made

      it popular and excellent - i.e. the artists and designers who just wanted a bit of animation and low level button pushing functionality.

      Splitting it into 20 products (catalyst, flex etc) will sell less and only cause more confusion.


      Stay clear and you are a landmark.

      Diversify too far and you just dust on the landscape.


      SLIM IT DOWN and work making apple happy...