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    Disk Drive?


      I'm buying a 1TB internal SATA to be dedicated to video editing (thanks to the forum for steering me away from external USB storage).  Anyone have a good recommendation?  Online reviews are all over the map.


      I have had good past experience with Seagate Barracuda (7200 rpm) for general data storage, but the latest reviews are mixed.


      My system does have an external 1394 port , but between cost of an external enclosure and inexperience with firewire compatibility (c. 2006 PC), the internal drive seems most appropriate.



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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          The Samsung SpinPoint F3's have been getting good reviews, as well as the WD Caviar Blacks.


          I am looking at doing the WD's for my main HDD's, and then 3 x 3 RAID's with the SpinPoints.


          Good luck,



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            rdnelson Level 2

            I've been using a WD 1 TB Caviar Black in my desktop for quite some time now and am quite happy with it.  Along with this drive, I have 2 Maxtor drives (I can't remember which ones but then Segate took over Maxtor anyway).


            I've installed two Ultrastar A7K2000's in my video fileserver and are really happy with them.

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              julianelliott Level 1

              Bought a WD Black Caviar today, plus cleaned up my startup files, accessory program bloat, etc. while I was in tech mode  This drive is fast.  Probably going to get another one to replace my old C: Baraccuda which seems slow in its old age.  Thanks, guys.



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                Ted Smith Level 3

                I originally had 2 drives connected in RAID connected to look like one drive duplicated and a third for the media and everytrhing else on the first disk(s).

                I found PE9 went noticable faster when I unraided the first 2 disks, Left the OS, PE9 program and disk cache on Disk 1, set all prokect files and caches on disk 2 and media on disk 3