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    Capture worked for one tape but not this one?

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      Ok so I'm using an HDR - FX1000. I had the VCR settings for the FX1000 on Auto and Premiere CS5 Capture set on DV. I captured the one tape just fine after having to mess around with the settings of both the camera and Premiere. The second tape was shot on another FX1000 but all the settings were the same to my knowledge. I have been fooling around with different settings to try and capture this tape for about two hours now with no hope. I get the audio but something is not set up right for capturing video. When doing playback on the FX1000, VCR has to be set in HDV or AUTO for me to see anything. However, like I mentioned earlier, when I captured the first tape Premiere was set to DV in both the sequence profile and in the capture window. If I try to set Premiere to HDV I get a picture that says "Previewing on Camera" in a bunch of different languages. You know basically an error screen in Premiere. I have tried doing two different projects as well with one sequence profile as DV and the other as HDV. I do not get it. What am I missing? Obviously I would like to get video in the best quality I can but at this point I can settle with at least being able to capture anything. Thanks guys