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    Cirrus doesn't work

    George naeo


      I've started a project with cirrus server side ( http://vaeloran.com/chatClouds/lab/_naeo_chatClouds_web.html);

      I have a little problem that affects my website as well as the video phone sample (http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/cirrus/samples/);

      - the problem is that when i try to connect locally (from my computer to my computer, with 2 instances of the website) it works, but when i try to connect different computers is doesn't work , it's like they're connecting and after a millisecond they are disconnected;

      - locally i'm getting all the events and all the info from the server, but in the second scenario i sometimes don't get any info, and sometimes the website is reseting the Connection to the server.

      Any Help ?

      Thank you for reading, have a nice day