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    GTX 570 plus Gaussian Blur etc Okay?

    FuelMe Level 1

      I'm about to upgrade my GTX 285 to either the GTX 570 or GTX 470.

      I realize I will have to apply the "hack" to make either of those work properly. Before I pull the trigger I want to make sure I won't run into any unexpected problems. I'm doing mostly AVCHD files and use a lot of gaussian blur and masking.

      I can't remember where I but there was something about there being a problem with gaussian blur and one of the NDVIDA drivers.


      If anyone here can share their experiences running a GTX 570 or 470 with CS5, that would be awesome.


      Side note: there's a fairly "cheap" 570 from EVGA on Amazon, at $349. Seems to be legit and have all the specs as expected, but I'm wondering why this one's so much "cheaper" than comparable 570s from other manufacturers. Thoughts?