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    Editing Between 2 Camera and Keeping them in Sync


      I am presently attempting to edit a wedding video, Using Premiere Elements 4. I filmed the service with 2 cameras.


      I have one camera footage on one track, with the audio I want to use.


      Then I have put the 2nd cam footage on another track, picking up different shots when needed.


      I initially synced the 2 camera footage so the audio matched, but as I progress cutting backwards and forwards between the 2, 2nd track keeps going out of sync!


      When I go back in the timeline to check earlier cuts, they appear to of moved, and no longer fit together. Why?


      I am I missing a trick? Is there a way to lock the tracks, so if I edit or cut bits out of the 2nd video track it does go out of sync, all the time?


      I am doing it the right way?



      Thank you for any advice.

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          nealeh Level 5

          The following is from PRE9, but I think the same applies to PRE4:


          You should ensure that when you delete segments you do so either with [Shift]+[Delete], or right-click the segment and select 'Clear'. This prevents the gaps from being deleted (which cause the timeline beyond your cut to shift left to close the gap) - which might impact you synchronisation.


          Also you have a lot of rendering that needs to be performed (all the red lines above the timeline). This may affect synchronisation during playback. Press [Enter] and wait until the line shows green.


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            N9JCR Level 2

            I see two possibilities here...


            1) The two cameras are not perfectly recording/playing at the same speed - I had that problem at one time myself.  Two 10 minute clips do not wind up being exactly 10 minutes long. I was able to resync them every so often but it was a pain.  My newer cameras seem to be much more accurate.


            2) In the process of clipping bits out, perhaps you are inadvertantly moving them.  I've done that too.



            What I have found works best is to leave the entire upper clip in, but rather than removing the parts you don't want on the upper track, either disable them or change the opacity to zero.  That way the exact spacing is retained (and easier to put them back in later if you change your mind).  I've done this with three cameras and it seems to work well.


            Hope that helps!


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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Also, once you have the main camera and Audio in sync, you do not have to Cut the main Camera footage. You can do either, an Insert Edit, where you just drag the Trimmed Clip (from either the Source Panel, or from a higher Video Track) from camera 2 to the Video track, holding down the Ctrl key to Insert it; or you can just place the Trimmed Clip on that higher Video Track. If you want to add Dissolves, just add them to the Trimmed Clip. If you need to re-establish sync with that camera's footage, with Snap OFF, slide that Clip to match sync.


              As has been mentioned, you can also sync camera 1 to the Audio, then place the footage from camera 2 on the upper Track, and sync it. Then just Cut out the sections of the camera 2 footage that you do not want. Adjusting the Opacity of the Clips can help in this process.


              PrPro allows true Multi-cam editing, where you establish the sync with one Track of Audio. One can also Lock Tracks in PrPro, which is a useful feature here.


              One note: I would choose one Audio Track, and just remove the Audio from the other camera, so that it does not interfere.


              Good luck, and I find that I use bits of all methods, depending on what I have.



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                SteveAudus Level 1

                Thank you Neale, Bob and Hunt for your great advice.


                I have found leaving the entire upper clip in, and instent of removing the parts I split the clips and drop the opacity to zero.

                I am flying throught the video now, already onto the the speaches.


                Neale, Thanks for the Render tip, I didn't know what those red and green line were.


                Bob, you were spot on.


                Hunt, thanks for your help, I do have a copy of PrPro, but it looks so different it blew my mind!!

                Extra Tip.
                I did find a great tip when searching the forum.


                When syncing 2 video feeds, I am also now using the flashs from the cameras to sync to.
                So when the victor says no flash photography during the service, am glad people choose to ignore him.

                Nice one guys, great support.