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    Generation of Peak FIle (already DV AVI)


      I have a few clips i deliberately converted to DV AVI type 1 that still continuously drain system resources when i open them in a project by 'Generating Peak Files'. Doesn't always hang, but occasionally i see at the end of the final one PE7 hangs. I thought the ultimate solution was to encode them as DV type 1 avi's. Any other suggestions appreciated, ta

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          nealeh Level 5

          Halfway there: DV-AVI Type 2 for PRE.


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Regardless of the specs. of the Audio stream, the files will have to be Conformed to get them to 32-bit floating-point for accurate editing, and then the PEK files will need to be generated. These are the Waveform Display. This ARTICLE will give you background.


            If the program, or computer is hanging on the Conforming and PEK file generation, then something is not right. It might be a resources issue, or it could be a lack of defragmented free space on the HDD with the Scratch Disks.


            You might find some good tips in this ARTICLE on setting up one's computer for an editing session.


            Good luck,



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              ljeco Level 1



              Downloaded dvdate, starting process of conversion to DV2 9moved original files to a new folder and will save with same name to original folder, hoping that will keep the project tied to the new DV2's 9even if i have to direct it again i guess it's no big one).



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                ljeco Level 1

                Hunt, as i keep seeing, great info, ta


                And again, fantastic ideas in your articles lined to.. i am going to spend the next few 'frags' of my own time setting up better before i do anything new to the project! I've no doubt some of the points in there are going to resolve that hang.


                Great to have you guys to bounce stuff off, thanks.



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Good luck, and we'll be waiting to hear of your success.



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                    ljeco Level 1



                    That's a great article by Wil Renczes regarding conforming and pek's. I had a quick look in the properties for my peks but couldn't see any XMP's in the metadata (do you know if you can sight them or are they hidden?). Anyhoo, no dramas, useful info to have under the belt.


                    One real question though... is there any issues with deleting old ones from projects (that you're unlikely to  use again for some time)? The media cache files folder is taking up 14GB on drive. Not alot but when trying to tidy up every bit counts.


                    Thanks again

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      As far as the construction of the PEK and CFA files, I cannot tell you that much about them. They are only used by the Adobe program, and someone else will have to peek inside (no pun intended here), to tell you exactly what is in them.


                      As for Deleting, yes, you can Delete them. If you revisit that Project again, PrE (or PrPro) will regenerate them anew, so let that process continue. Observed the little progress bar in the lower-right of the GUI, and just relax, until all Conforming and PEK generation has completed. I strongly recommend not doing anything else with the computer, during that process, especially working with PrE (or PrPro), and just be patient.


                      Good luck,