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    Creating an flv / f4v question

    mentlity Level 1

      never ran into this before but I have an fla that I need to convert to an f4v, correct me if I'm wrong but do I export the fla as Quicktime then create a new fla and import the mov and export as an flv?





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          mentlity Level 1

          Getting ahead of myself here, let me expalin. I have an fla that has an INTERACTIVE stop, start button. Its a set of pics with some text effects. What I want to do is to convert this to mpeg. NOW, from my experience in Flash without using any third part converters I would have to do the following.


          Export the fla as a movie (Quicktime)


          Then create a new fla , import the .mov and use the media encoder to create an flv out of the .mov file


          then convert that to mpeg 4.


          Am I correct?


          I have used Flash for years and a bit mystified that I do not know this procedure  but I would think that there has to be a better way to take an existing fla and convert to an flv without going thru the export to .mov step , no?


          Last but not least,


          No matter what if you have an INTERACTIVE flash swf YOU WILL NEVER be able to restore the interactivity (rollovers button clicks) in any other converted platform other than flash as I have someone who tells me otherwise.




          Any help here?



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            kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            use google to search for swf to flv converters (for a more direct conversion).


            and you're correct, your interactivity will be lost with the conversion.

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              AttaBoy2 Level 4

              Why do you need to convert from swf?

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                mentlity Level 1

                its gotta go to MPEG4

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                  AttaBoy2 Level 4

                  yes but why?

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                    mentlity Level 1

                    needs to render on Ipad

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                      AttaBoy2 Level 4

                      o i c  I was just wondering sometimes people think they have to convert from swf when they don't.  Let me know if you find a way to convert and retain interactivity.  I've heard you can create apps for Ipad and Iphone with flash but have no idea how.

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                        adninjastrator Level 4

                        Looks like you are really taking a long way around to get back to the iPad. Why create something in Flash if it has to be transcoded 4 times and lose all it's interactivity in the end? Even creating a special Flash app means that only viewers with that app installed would see the content.

                        My suggestion is that you KEEP the Flash and use swfobject to detect if the viewers browser has the Flash pluggin or not. No sense throwing the baby out with the bath water if you don't need to. Provide a Flash interactive element for all the browsers that have Flash... MOST do.

                        Then for the few iPhone or iPad users, provide a .mov version... no need to go all the way from .mov to mp4.

                        Here is a sample page that will play Flash on the iPhone (well sort of):


                        If the viewer has Flash, the Flash version plays, if not, the .mov version plays.

                        The page also illustrates how to sandwich Flash between 2 layers of HTML text... so that's why the text looks a little funny.

                        View the source code to see an example of using swfobject and "Alternate Content".

                        More info on swfobject here:


                        Best of luck on your project.


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                          mentlity Level 1

                          There is NO WAY ANYONE can take a Flash interactive swf (when I say interactive I mean rollovers, links or mouseovers that normally would create animations or actions)  IT IS NOT POSSIBLE ! My situation is I have someone that has a Flash interactive swf (that interactivity is a stop and start button within the swf with a rollover link)


                          They need this swf to play on an ipad so the swf has to be converted to an MPEG4 , doing this removes any interactivity so I had to open the original fla, delete the start and stop buttons, resave the swf and then convert that to an .mov THEN take the move and convert to an MPEG so the stop and start would be in the player the MPEG sits in and the link would be outside the MPEG4.


                          Unlesss someone has an app that can do this (CONVERT SWF FLA OR FLV INTO AN INTERACTIVE MPEG4 OR ANOTHER MEDIA THAT WILL DO THE SAME) it's not gonna happen. Only thing that can be done here is to recreate the whole animation in javascript (no thanks)



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                            adninjastrator Level 4

                            If you already have the answer to your question..., then why are you posting here?

                            Use iMovie or Final Cut Pro, to create the whole thing and then *itch to Apple about why it doesn't  work... not Flash!