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    Can't name a MC instance with a numeral?

    johnd59898678 Level 1
      I just purchased some pre-built menus from OhMyFlash.com. They work great as the come. I am trying to modify them to add my own menu and submenu items. When I look at the instance names they have given to the main menu buttons, they just contain a NUMERAL in the properties inspector instance field - for example "1" or "2" (without the quotes). Their ActionScript references these instance names so if I change them the menus don't work.

      When I try to duplicate one of their Menu MovieClips and assign it a new instance name of say "8" (without the quotes), I get this error dialog in Flash CS3 - '8' is not a valid instance name. Please enter an identifier that begins with an alphabetic character or other supported symbol"? I have tried changing the publish settings to AS 1, 2 & 3 - always get the same error.

      The MovieClips they sent were numbered and work fine, but if I try to even change the name of one of their numbered clips to something else and then try to change it back to say "2" - the program won't let me!

      So how where they able to lable their instance names 1, 2, 3 ..., but I can't??? What am I missing?