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    Should I Edit in .avi or .mpeg

    Thomas Beach

      I have a feature-length project that I have duplicate imported tape files for, but in two formats, .avi and .mpeg.  The .avi files have a Time Code window burn (these were intended for basic editing due to the ease of DV format) and as such, I would have to conform an edit with them to the matching .mpeg files which were imported clean, and without any TC window burn for authoring.


      My first question is:  Given I have a reasonably fast computer (ASUS P6X58D Permium, i7 960, 12GB Memory, nvidia GTX470), should I save myself the laborious job of trying to conform my .avi edit and just edit in the original .mpeg files?  And if yes, what should my project settings be to properly accommodate?  I found through experimentation that I had to choose an HDV New Sequence setting of 720p from the HDV codec menu to get the .mpeg files to import and create Peak Files.  Would this selection be appropriate, given I am going to export the final project to both 720P 24 as well as SD?


      My other question is:  Knowing that .mpeg is a heavily compressed file format, am I going to encounter problems when I go to author the program to DVD?  I have paid close attention to the requirements as put forth by Disk Makers regarding acceptable digital file formats (HDV settings do not support tape export), and .mpeg is not listed as one of them.  They do list .avi of course as well as Quicktime.  So what roadblocks am I setting up for myself should I choose to edit in .mpeg?  Or will a final export be able to overcome this?


      I confess I am still learning the intricacies of file formast and their relationships to each other, Premiere Pro and the authoring world, and still have a big curve to climb.  But I am trying to think ahead as I begin to edit this new project and make the right choices now, before spending hundreds of hours working on it only to discover I have wasted my time.  That said, I appreciate any shepherding you can provide as I try and navigate this confusing issue for me.