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        JeffryHouser Level 4

        Looking at some of your previous questions you've posted in your profile, I'd say you are not putting any work into writing or researching your question.


        For example "Which event triggers the dataTipFunction?"


        Why can't you answer that by reviewing the documentation on tooltips or reviewing the source code  behind the component in question?  A dataTip is the same as a ToolTip and most likely a mouseOver event triggers it.


        Ditto for this question: "Align a Chart Title" .


        To change formatting you probably either need to set a style or extend the component and modify the placement in the updateDisplayList().


        What have you tried?  Why didn't it work?  do you have code samples or screenshots to share?


        Participants of this forum [and Stack Overflow] are not your personal tutorial service.  We are not on your beck and call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  We all have our own lives and jobs and other responsibilities. Posting your question to the forums should be the last place you look.


        So, write better questions, and prove to us you've done your research first, and you may get better responses.

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          Phoenix_Guru Level 1

          You are right! I have been too much lazy in explaining my questions in detail and putting up my research work, whatever I have tried. Moreover, looking back at my own questions, now even I won't feel like answering them because they don't make any sense and don't really explain the context.


          Thanks for making me realize what I was doing.... Apologies for inconvenience!

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            FTQuest Level 3

            Here is my two cents to JeffryHouser's response.


            Asking questions is perfectly respectable and legitimate way of learning things.

            In fact that's the essence of any forum.

            Whenever I don't understand something, I don't hesitate asking a question.

            But learning the subject and getting quick patch are not the same.


            While going first to the documentation and searching for possible solutions to similar problems may feel like a convoluted way, in the long run that gives me much more essential understanding of 'what' and 'how' and 'why'. And such comprehension benefits one's work profoundly.


            On a side note:

            Phoenix_Guru, to be fair, your questions are not an exception.

            It's not too rare to see the questions that beg for one universal friendly advice: please read the documentation.

            And then, your questions are much more likely to be answered.



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              kiran7881 Level 1

              The Forums are fair , there is no personal rivalary between you and Adobe i guess

              Go through Forum Documentation .