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    Video preloader display for Presenter

      Presenter preloads an swf file and audio plays 1 slide early. Does anyone have a working preloader to show that your video is loading once you get to the actual slide with the video on it. The bottom menu display "slide 3 of 25/Buffering", but this is not noticeable to viewers. I have some 7Meg swf files that display a black box, but I cannot get the preloader to run.
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          sean@realeyes.com Level 1
          Are you a using a preloader icon/image when building the SWF (e.g the spinning wheel with the % loaded dialog)? They will be viewable in a Presentation if used.

          I would use these preloader icon/image + the "Require slides to download completely before playback" - found in the Preferences, Quality Tab. Your viewers will see the icon in addition to the "Buffering" message below