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    Creating a "zoom out" movie

    dj98765 Level 1

      Hi Adobe experts...


      I have Premiere Elements 8 and am trying to create something artistic but seemingly simple.

      What I am trying to do is take some pictures I have and zoom in so far the subject is unrecognizable (probably 50 times).  Then I would like to (via Premiere) slowly zoom out to reveal what the item is.

      I've seen this done before and it can be very fun to watch.


      For example, if you zoom in on someones eyeball far enough, it becomes impossible to know what it is...but as you slowly zoom out the viewers will all realize that it is something they see each an every day.


      I was hoping this was simple to do, but after spending some time searching I could not find a preloaded video effect that accomplishes this.


      Any help would be appreciated,


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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          You will not find a Preset for this.


          First, I would start with a still image, that is Scaled to the Frame Size of your Project, say 720 x 480 for an SD DV Project.


          Then, with that still image (Clip) on the Timeline and Selected, go to Effects, and then Edit Effects, which will Open that Clip in the Effects Control Panel. You will see Motion, one of the fixed Effects. Twirl that open, revealing both the Scale and Position Effects. These can be Keyframed over time. You will see both a slider, that goes up to 100%, but to the right, will see a numerical attribute. Click, and scrub to the right, increasing beyond 100%. IIRC, the max Scale is 600%, and one can click to get a numerical box, and enter that. Unless it has been increased, if you type in an amount > 600%, it will default to 600%.


          If you need more, you would need to handle that incrementally, and do several levels of Scale, say in PS/PSE, then adjust the Scale Effect with Keyframes, and perhaps use Cross-Dissolves between those Scaled stills.


          You can also use some artistic Effects, say Facet, and perhaps some Blur, which would be Keyframed out, to reveal the subject, as you Zoom out on it.


          Good luck,




          PS - when you have Zoomed in, you will probably also want to use Effect>Motion>Position, to Pan to the subject. This can be Keyframed over time, to re-position to the center of the image.