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    ADE does not recognize NookColor


      I have ADE installed on my computer and I can download ebooks to it.  I want to transfer the ebook to my Nookcolor but ADE does not "see" it.  What do I need to do to get ADE to "see" my Nookcolor?  Thanks.

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          I spent HOURS trying to figure this out and I finally fixed it.  It takes multiple steps.


          1.  First you need to delete the adobe.digital.editions file on your Nookcolor (because it loaded but did not register you need to do it again) See steps below

          • Connect your NookColor (NC) to your computer and then try to wake up your Nookcolor.  It should tell you it is now connected by USB and you can transfer files.
          • Once you see this, go to My Computer and choose whatever drive your NC is connected to (you will need tochoose Open Folder to View the files in Windows Explorer -  if it asks you that question)
          • Open the NC files in windows explorer
          • You will see a file folder named .adobe-digital-editions
          • Delete it (we will reinstall it later).  I promise it will not hurt your NC

          2.  Make Internet Explorer your default browser (don't know why but found this to be part of problem in my research) and close any other browser

          3.  Make sure Digital Editions is closed on your PC
          4.  Turn off your firewall (DON'T forget to turn back on when we are done!)

          • Go to Start menu to Control Panel and choose Windows Firewall
          • Turn off firewall

          4. With your NC still connected to PC, Open Digital Editions on your PC

          • It should now ask you if you want to authorize a device (your NC) say YES!
          • Now when you are in library view of Digital Editions you should see MEDIA listed at the bottom - that is your NookColor
          • To add books in Digital Editions to your NookColor you should just click and drag the title of the book to the word MEDIA
          • Your books will now be on your NC and SHOULD be authorized (eliminating the credit card questions)

          5. Eject your NC from your PC (right click on the drive it is located on and choose Eject)

          6. Turn your Firewall back on (Start, Control Panel, Windows Firewall, On)

          7.  Wake up your NookColor (not connected to PC anymore) and check to see if you can open your books

          • Click on Library and choose My Files and then Digital Editions
          • You SHOULD see the books you copied from your PC
          • Open Digital editions folder
          • Open a book AND IT SHOULD WORK!


          Hopefully, this will help you.  If not, try deleting the old books you had tried to download before and start fresh.  You can delete them while your NC is connected to your PC and you are viewing the files in Windows Explorer - that is the only way to delete books from your NC.  I am a computer software trainer so I tried to make these instructions as user friendly as possible.  Good luck!!