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    DVD import - selecting language track


      I want to import a DVD into PE9. It works OK using get media, but I only seem to have the lead audio track, which is a German language track. Since I don't speak German I'd prefer to use either the French or English tracks, but can't see any way to tell PE to choose one of them.


      Is there any way I can either select the track before import, or import them all, then delete the ones I don't want?

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          This presents a dilemma, if there are several Audio Tracks on the DVD. With just the Import of the VOB's, you will get the Audio from Audio Track 1, and this will depend on where the DVD was authored. The supplemental Audio Tracks will be available on a set-top player, or DVD software player, via either a Menu, or via the Audio button on the remote control.


          The two ways to handle this would be to hook up the DVD player to an A-D bridge, connected via FireWire, navigate to the Audio Track Menu, and set that, then cue up the DVD to where you wish to start, and then do a Capture into PrE.


          The other would be to use DVD ripping software, to extract everything, including the supplemental Audio. I believe that Video ReDo and DVDDecrypter can do this, but you might want to explore them.


          Getting that supplemental Audio is tricky, and much of the success will depend on the authoring of that DVD.


          Good luck,



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