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    Premier issues


      Hello everyone,


      I am trying to figure out an issue I have with Premier.


      First let me describe my system then the issue:


      my system:


      Dell Precision T7400

      Windos 7 Ultimate 64 bit

      2 processor Intel Xeon @ 3.20 and 3.19 GHz

      24 GB RAM

      NVIDIA Quadro FX 5800

      CS5 Master Collection.


      The issue:

      I upgaded my system to make sure it will run smooth when working with Premiere. This issue has been bugging me for a while now. For example. I have a clip (50 mins long) made with a SONY HDR-CX100 ( file extension .m2ts). I want to extract mini clips from that clip. When I open premiere to edit the main clip and clreate the mini clips, this is what happens, when on the Project pannel, I double clip the main clip, to open on the Source window panel, when on the Source panel, if I click play, the timer looks like the video is running but the actual video is frozen on the first frame image. If I go to the 11 minute, set and In and Out point, drag it to the main tiumeline of the edit window, then press play, the ssame thing will happen.


      So I am wondering what the heck is happening, I think I have a good system and I thought my video would run fast and smooth.


      Can anyone help me figure out what's wrong? Why do I get this on Premiere when I try to play a video? Is it something with my settings, with the video (.m2ts), or what?


      I appreciate any help I can get from anyone here.





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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          With playback issues, I'd first check that you have the latest nVidia driver for your card, and OS. If you do, or if that does not help, consider rolling back to an earlier video driver.


          Also, can you describe your I/O sub-system too, i.e.the HDD's, their speed, controller types and how you have those allocated?


          Good luck,



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            webdeveloperjc Level 1

            Hi Hunt,


            thx for your quick response.


            I just check nVidia drivers download to check for a new driver.


            Now I have a question here and see what you think, when in the nVidia site for drivers, I set Quadro, Fx Series, and then there is like 4 different drivers, I believe I have always use the Performance Driver, but what would you recoment me to download, the Graphics, the performance, quadro patrner certified, auto cad, 3dmx driver? which one would be the best for me? I have the CS5 master suite, and that' where I most work, but I also have 3d max which from time to time I use, not that often but its there.


            For my HDD, I am using an external Glyph firewire, don't know the speed, but since I work with music too thats the one Pro Tools recomends for working with music.


            Let meknow what your thoughts are. Thx.



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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              This is what I see on the nVidia Driver Page for the Quadro 5800 for Win7-64.


              Not sure where you are seeing the other drivers.


              Good luck,



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                Jim_Simon Level 8

                Choose the Graphics driver.